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Dr. David Låg Tomasi, PhD MA MCS AAT is a Psychotherapist and Inpatient Psychiatry Group Therapist currently working at the University of Vermont Medical Center; Clinical, Research and Education committees member at the University of Vermont Program in Integrative Health; since 2011 Associate Member, and since 2016 Community College Teacher Affiliate of the American Psychological Association (APA), as well as of the Italian Psychological Association (AIPASS), the Italian Psychooncological Association (SIPO), the Academic Consortium for Integrative Medicine & Health, USA, and the International Academy of Sciences, San Marino. Dr. Tomasi is also Faculty Member at the Community College of Vermont and Lecturer at the University of Vermont Human Development and Family Studies Program / Department of Leadership & Developmental Sciences / College of Education and Social Services.


Dr. Tomasi's most recent book: Medical Philosophy. Philosophical Analysis of Patient Self-Perception in Diagnostics and Therapy (2015) Ibidem Verlag / Columbia University Press - Available at Columbia University Press or by clicking on the image below:

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Dr. Tomasi's current research :

•  Critical Neuroscience. A scientific re-examination of the philosophical mind-body problem. Postdoctoral research.Current Research to be published.

•  Therapeutic Improvement to increase group attendance. Standardization and optimization of group schedules on inpatient psychiatry units. University of Vermont, USA. With K.A. Monje, E.A. Koening, A.M.K. Holm, S. Ward

•  Enhancing Motivation for Exercise in an Inpatient Psychiatric Population. University of Vermont, USA. With S. Gates, T. Leahy, J. Oehlke, J. Knight, M. Richardson, A.L. Varigonda, UVMMC Inpatient Psychiatry Group Therapists, UVM Physiology Students

•  Linguistics interface: applying the Natural Semantic Metalanguage (NSM) to Narrative Medicine. With C. Goddard - Griffith University Brisbane, S. Ward - University of Vermont, USA, M.G. Marini - ISTUD/Humanitas University, B. Peeters - Australian National University Canberra, A. Wierzbicka - Australian National University Canberra.



Research Committee - UVM Program in Integrative Health

Education Committee - UVM Program in Integrative Health





Dr. Tomasi's scientific articles, books and research papers available on:



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